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2020 LEMON, Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa ON

2017 Comment peindre la mort d’après Lucie, Axenéo 7, Hull, QC

2017 du BIC, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON

2016 SASAJEWUN LAKE (PART I), Gallery 3, Ottawa, ON (featuring words by writer, Rhiannon Vogl, Ottawa)

2015 Within the Woods, I sit and wait, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON  (featuring words by poet, Thomas Leduc, Sudbury, ON)

2015 What we see Through the Trees, Ferneyhough Contemporary, North Bay, ON

2014 Searching for the Landscape, Maison de la culture de Gatineau, QC

2014 The Aerial Landscape, Gallery 815, Hearst ON

2014 THAW, The Ottawa Arts Council, Ottawa ON

2013 Scattered Trees, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON

2012 Tree Farm, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON

2008 Le paysage désolé et les pylônes, Galerie Art-Image, Gatineau, QC


2022 Manon Labrosse & Sharon VanStarkenburg, City of Ottawa galleries (TBA)

2021 CHRYSALIS / CHRYSALIDE, duo exhibition with Sarah Carlson (Toronto), galerie Montcalm
2019 Land and Memory, Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa ON

2018 POST NEO, Manon Labrosse & Julia Campisi, Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa ON

2018 Rive Gauche, Axenéo7, Hull, QC

2017 The Inaugural Group Show, The Sussex Contemporary, Ottawa ON

2017 21/21, Ferneyhough Contemporary, North Bay, ON

2016 Colors in Abstract, Ferneyhough Contemporary, North Bay, ON

2015 Nature resplendent, Ferneyhough Contemporary, North Bay, ON

2013 Identity Road Map, Video collaboration with Laura Levesque, NBOG, Ottawa ON (featured on franco-Ontarian series, Rendez-Vous on ICI Radio-Canada)

2007 Splash! at Art Rental , The Ottawa Art Gallery, Sales & Rental, Ottawa ON

2007 20 x 20 x 20, Sandra Goldie Gallery, Montreal, QC

2007 Manon Labrosse & Adria Collins, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa ON

2006 Landscapes, Sandra Goldie Gallery, Montreal, QC


2020 Ontario Arts Council, mid-career (Arts visuels et métiers d'art – projets francophones)

2016 Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Dissemination and promotion grant

2015 Jury award, Presented by Télé-Québec, Culturiades, arts and culture awards

2015 Creative residency, Algonquin Wildlife Research Station, Algonquin Park, ON

2015 Artist residency, Spark Box Studio, Prince Edward County

2015 Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts Award, Ottawa Arts Council

2014 Ontario Arts Council, emerging artist grant (Artistes visuels et métiers d'art)

2008 City of Ottawa's B-grant for visual artists

2006 City of Ottawa’s B-grant for visual artists

2004 City of Ottawa B-gant for visual artists


2021 Réouverture de la galerie Montcalm à Gatineau, Le Droit, March 28 (Chrysalis)

2021 Chrysalide à la galerie Montcalm, Les matins d'ici, Radio-Canada

2018 Post Neo at Studio 66, Taymaz Valley, Apt 613
2017 Must see this week, Canadian Art, Dec 14-20

2017 Ottawa report : Human Nature by Rose Ekins for Canadian Art, Oct 6

2017 Must see this week for “du BIC”, Canadian Art Magazine, May 25-31

2016 Fresh Paint Magazine, published work + bio, international issue 13, UK, Guest curator : Rebecca Wilson, chief curator for Saatchi Art

2016 Must see this week for “SASAJEWUN LAKE”, Canadian Art Magazine, April 7 - 13

2016 Coup de coeur de la semaine (favorite of the week, visual arts), Formule Diaz, Télé-Québec, Jan 17

2015 Manon Labrosse, les paysages de Hearst au Pontiac, La Fabrique Culturelle, Télé-Québec

2015 Manon Labrosse, portrait d’artiste, Bravo-art, November 2015, BRAVO

2015 Le matin du Nord, ICI Radio-Canada interview with Josée Perreault, Oct 20

2014 Manon Labrosse Takes a Different Stand on Landscape, Study28, Violette Stepaniuk, Nov 18

2014 Artful Blogger, Ottawa Magazine, Paul Gessel, Nov issue

2014 Nature Tourmentée selon Manon Labrosse, Maud Cucchi, Arts Visuels, Le Droit, Oct 5

2014 Le matin du nord, Radio-Canada, Interview with Josée Perreault, Sept 16

2014 Parcours d'identité, Rendez-Vous, ICI ARTV, Radio-Canada, Aug 28

2014 Ruby TFO, TFO (television and web), Mar 31

2013 Le matin du Nord, Radio-Canada, Interview with Isabelle Fleury, Nov 25

2008 When Science Meets Art: Promising Shows to Come in 2008, Paul Gessel, Ottawa Citizen, Jan 10

2008 La beauté électrisante du paysage aride, Claude Bouchard, Le journal Le Droit, Mar 22-23

2008 Art that Fits to a Tea, Paul Gessel, The Ottawa Citizen, Apr 17

2008 Manon Labrosse, Le paysage et la nostalgie, François Chalifour, Revue Liaisons, n°140

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