My work captures the Wilderness as an in-between world where nature dominates.  This is presented as a narrative by selecting moments, both experienced and visual, to reconstruct a sequence of places and times that have left an imprint in my subliminal self.


I play with the idea of metempsychosis, by distorting its meaning to explore ideas of transition and passage.  I see myself in these landscapes as something that is adapting to nature.


These ideas can be summarized as a rewilding. They suggest a change, a shift and finally a transformation. Leaving one thing in a state and returning in another.  As a result there are anthropomorphic shapes resembling limbs, both human and wild.


My work is an entanglement of ideas and experiences, both physical and psychological. It is also aesthetically persuaded by lighting effects in science fiction movies with scenic landscapes that are both ominous but enticing.


The disparity between colour and size is the result of a similar disparity between us and nature.